Botox® Cosmetic is a prescription medicine that is injected into the facial muscles to minimize wrinkles and achieve a smooth, relaxed and youthful appearance.

The Power of Botox

When injected with an artistic eye and an understanding of facial anatomy, receiving arguably the best Botox Phoenix has to offer can creatively lift the brow and open the eyes, rejuvenate the mouth and lips, smooth away crow’s feet and much, much more.

Botox injections are often combined simultaneously with soft tissue fillers to provide total non-surgical rejuvenation. Experience is paramount for natural, safe and effective results – and our incredible nurse injectors are among the most experienced in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

What Can Botox Do for You?

  • Relax heavy forehead wrinkles
  • Smooth away crow’s feet and eye wrinkles
  • Evert the upper and lower lips
  • Contour your jawline
  • Create a younger, more relaxed facial appearance
  • Soften platysma and neck bands
  • Minimize furrows between the brows
  • Achieve your aesthetic vision without plastic surgery
  • Make you look well-rested and refreshed

The Benefits of Botox

  • Completely non-surgical
  • Smooths moderate-to-severe wrinkles
  • Virtually no recovery time
  • Impressive, natural-looking results

What to Expect During Your Injections

Your injections will be done in the comfort of our Skin Klinic in Scottsdale, where it is our goal to provide the best Botox Scottsdale has available.

During the treatment, we will inject precise amounts of Botox into your skin and muscles. These injections will be placed strategically to ensure that your wrinkles fade away – but your ability to express yourself and move your face with ease is preserved.

The entire injection process will take about ten minutes, at which point you will be free to return to your normal daily routine right away.

Are You a Candidate?

During your initial consultation, we will review your medical history and discuss your aesthetic goals to determine if Botox injections are right for you.

In general, the best Botox candidates are Phoenix men and women who:

  • Want to smooth moderate to severe wrinkles, such as forehead lines and crow’s feet
  • Have realistic expectations for the procedure
  • Are in good general health
  • Are between 18 and 65 years of age
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding

Frequently Asked Questions

Our staff can answer all of your questions during your initial consultation. In the meantime, here is a quick look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from our Paradise Valley patients.

Do Botox injections hurt?

Some patients report that being injected with Botox feels like a pinch. Ice may be used to numb the treatment area. If you are concerned about discomfort, a topical numbing cream may be applied before administering your treatment.

Will I bruise?

Bruising after your Botox injections happens less than 20% of the time. Taking the herb Arnica Montana either before or immediately after the injections and avoiding aspirin and blood thinning supplements such as fish oil prior to your procedure will also reduce your chances in bruising and give the best results in Botox Phoenix has to offer.

When will you see the results?

You will begin to notice results 7-10 days after your injections.

How long will it last?

Botox generally lasts between 3-4 months, enabling patients to control the extent of their treatments. Wrinkles will gradually appear as the effect of the Botox wears off.

Are there any side effects?

Many of our clients enjoy their Paradise Valley Botox injections without experiencing any side effects or risks. When they do occur, patients have reported mild numbness or tingling, mild swelling, a temporary headache, temporary nausea, and temporary eyelid or eyebrow drooping. These risks can be minimized by avoiding rubbing the treatment area after your injections.

How long is the recovery time after treatment?

After your treatment, you can resume your day with very few restrictions. We simply ask that you do not exercise or lie flat for 4 hours following your treatment and do not rub or massage the injection site.

Meet Dr. Daniel Shapiro

A world-class plastic surgeon in a league of his own.

Dr. Shapiro is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon with nearly three decades of experience in his field. With impressive technical skill and a talent for creating natural-looking results, his practice has become a leading destination for discerning patients throughout the country.

Known for his compassion and honesty, Dr. Shapiro strives to educate his patients so that they are empowered about their care. He carefully explains the procedures, expected results, and techniques in a way that anyone can understand. Additionally, he personally guides his clients every step of the way – from the initial consultation to their post-operative care – to ensure an enjoyable experience and the best possible results.

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update Virtual Consultation

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Patients,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the reopening of my practice for both surgical and non-surgical services on May 1, 2020. As per the governor Ducey's executive order on April 22, 2020, elective surgery has been allowed to proceed, with appropriate precautions taken by health care professionals to ensure continued vigilance against the spread of Covid-19.

Our office staff and the staff of Paradise Valley Cosmetic Surgery Center and Surgical Recovery Center have proactively taken necessary precautions to meet strict criterion for health providers according to the state of Arizona. These include necessary patient screening for Covid-19, strict protocols for cleaning offices and treatment rooms, adequate PPE, and continued social distancing. As before, waiting areas will have minimal capacity, and friends and family members should not accompany one into offices or treatment areas.

With great anticipation we welcome you back to the practice, and wish you all continued health and safety.

Sincerely, Daniel Shapiro MD, FACS

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