The buccal fat pad is a normally walnut sized fat mass that is situated beneath the cheekbones and runs to the corner of the mouth. Its prominence can give the appearance of “chipmunk” or “chubby” cheeks. Removal of buccal fat pads, either partially or completely, will often improve the aesthetic contour of the face.

Most people tend to lose the round fat in their cheeks as they grow older; however, for patients with chronically prominent full cheeks (that persist from youth), buccal fat pad removal in Scottsdale, Arizona may be the perfect solution that significantly enhances facial shape. It will give patients a crisper and better defined jawline, mildly fuller lips and give the appearance of “high cheekbones” by bringing out cheekbone definition which almost always make a person look more attractive.


Buccal fat pad removal is performed though extremely small and hidden incisions inside the mouth, near the back molar teeth. The fat pads are then removed, and absorbable sutures are placed avoiding any need for the removal of stitches.

There are no external incisions made, so there are no scars to be seen. This operation is performed in our Scottsdale area office with local anesthesia, or in the operating room under IV sedation. Recovery is generally fast, with no bruising and swelling subsiding after a few days.

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