Fat transfer to the breasts is an increasingly common procedure that can add natural fullness, firmness, and contour to the breasts without the use of breast implants. As the procedure is performed using your own tissue, your breasts will look, feel and move naturally. This procedure eliminates the possible risks or the need for the future removal of breast implants, implant capsular contracture, and implant leak, or implant asymmetry.

By performing a fat transfer breast augmentation, you get the advantage of actually having breasts that are completely your own tissue and that can be precisely matched. Fat transfer to the breasts is also becoming a more common procedure for breast reconstruction in patients that have lost breast tissue or their complete breasts as a result of breast cancer.

Fat transfer to the breasts or fat transfer breast augmentation can generally increase the breast size by one or two cups. The fat is harvested from areas that generally seem to collect fat, as in the thighs, abdomen, and knees, as this resistant fat seems to be the most robust. The fat is then purified and precisely transferred to the breasts through very small incisions, being placed below, into, and above the pectoralis muscle, with care to avoid breast tissue as to not disrupt future mammograms.

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