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Cellulaze Laser Treatment

Many women and even some men are bothered by cellulite, or that dimpled, cottage-cheese like appearance that is often seen on the backs of the thighs and the buttocks. Cellulite has long been a difficult problem to treat and most remedies to date have been ineffective. Cellulaze is the first and only treatment that actually addresses the problem of cellulite on a structural level beneath the skin.

Cellulaze is performed with the SideLight™ 3D Cellulaze laser which dramatically improves cellulite by leveling out bumps of fat while also addressing depressed or dimpled areas by cutting the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin. Cellulaze can also remove excess fat and smooth and tighten the skin by stimulating the production of collagen. One simple treatment provides long-lasting results.

Dr. Daniel Shapiro Cellulaze Expert

Dr. Daniel Shapiro is an expert provider of Cellulaze in Paradise Valley. See samples of the remarkable results this innovative laser procedure can offer.

The Procedure

Dr. Shapiro performs the relatively simple Cellulaze procedure in the office, not the surgery center operating room, under local anesthesia with oral sedation. The areas of cellulite are simply marked prior to treatment. He then makes tiny incisions in the treatment area which are about the size of a pen tip. A very small tube, or cannula, is fitted with the Cellulaze laser fiber and inserted through the incisions. The laser energy targets the excess fat and fibrous bands while also stimulating new collagen growth for a smoother, healthier, dimple-free appearance.


There is minimal recovery following Cellulaze anti-cellulite treatments. Patients may experience some bruising and discomfort. In addition, small amounts of fluid may leak from the incision sites. However, work and most other normal activities can typically be resumed within a day or two of treatment.

Compression garment may need to be worn for a period of time and strenuous activities and exercise should be postponed for one to two weeks. Immediate improvement will be seen after treatment and results will continue to improve over the next three to twelve months as new collagen growth occurs.

Cellulaze is a very safe procedure with few side effects. Studies have shown that 93% of patients surveyed one year after their procedure were either satisfied or very satisfied and would recommend the procedure to a friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is explained by the make-up of the connective tissue beneath the skin which arranges fat into vertical columns in women that can herniate and create irregularities of the skin surface when standing (mattress or orange-peel appearance, and dimpling or bulges). Though dieting and exercise can improve cellulite, it cannot completely disappear.

Men have less of this vertical orientation of the fat with less chance of cellulite. There seems to be a genetic component to the formation of cellulite, hence it tends to be the luck (or unluck) of the draw, which explains why very thin people can have severe cellulite.

How does the Cellulaze laser work?

The cellulaze laser is a special 1440nm laser that is maximally absorbed by fat, and causes maximal skin tightening. Cellulaze works by performing three important functions:

  • Reduces fat that is penetrating into the skin
  • Uses the laser to cut and release the septae that cause the dimpling in the skin
  • Causes laser tightening of the skin for smoothing effect

In fact after one year and one treatment there is a 25% increase in skin thickness and a 29% decrease in skin laxity.

What is the Cellulaze procedure?

The Cellulaze procedure is performed in the office under local anesthesia with oral sedation (valium and a pain medication). Small needle holes are made in 3 to 4 areas of the skin of the thigh or buttock and a fine laser probe is placed just under the skin surface where the cellulite is treated. Cellulaze is generally performed on both legs, with treatment areas the size of a sheet of paper (8.5 X 11 inches).

Treatment takes between one to two hours, and patients go home after wearing a compressive garment for the next three weeks. Normal activity can be started the next day with little discomfort or bruising. There is only one treatment needed for each area.

What types of Cellulite does Cellulaze work on?

The Cellulaze laser works on all types of cellulite, but best if there is not excessive skin laxity when standing. It works great if there is orange peel or mattress appearance when standing, or if there is raised and depressed areas without excessive skin laxity.

When can improvement in the cellulite be seen?

Changes are immediate with skin smoothing and tightening over the next three months.

How much does Cellulaze cost?

Cost varies depending on the number and size of the treatment areas. The best determination is through a consultation with Dr. Shapiro.

Meet Dr. Daniel Shapiro

A world-class plastic surgeon in a league of his own.

Dr. Shapiro is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon with over 27 years of experience in his field. With impressive technical skill and a talent for creating natural-looking results, his practice has become a leading destination for discerning patients throughout the country.

Known for his compassion and honesty, Dr. Shapiro strives to educate his patients so that they are empowered about their care. He carefully explains the procedures, expected results, and techniques in a way that anyone can understand. Additionally, he personally guides his clients every step of the way – from the initial consultation to their post-operative care – to ensure an enjoyable experience and the best possible results.

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