Trend for 2012: Botox for Men

Did you know that men make up nearly 10 percent of the “Botoxed” population? Yep, men, just like women, aren’t always thrilled with vertical lines between their eyebrows or horizontal creases across their foreheads. And, the trend for what is now affectionately called “Brotox” seems to be growing. Even celebrities including Simon Cowell and David Hasselhoff are admitting that they are using Botox to stay wrinkle-free in youth-obsessed Hollywood.

Nine-time Olympic gold medal winning swimmer Mark Spitz is a spokesman for Allergan, the company that produces Botox, and is being utilized to target the company’s male market. With an Olympic hero being used in Botox marketing campaigns, the social acceptability for men to take advantage of injectable cosmetic fillers is definitely expanding. Spitz first tried Botox after former Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci mentioned to him that his wrinkles were making him look “old and overly serious.”

Both straight and gay men are choosing Botox for a wide variety of reasons – from trying to look more attractive for their significant other to attempting to combat signs of aging during a job search. However, most men, unlike women, don’t want to smooth out all wrinkles. Typically, men aren’t overly concerned about crow’s feet. Instead, they want to keep a certain amount of ruggedness to their features while minimizing telltale signs of aging like forehead wrinkles. This requires the touch of an expert injector with an excellent artistic eye.

At Shapiro Plastic Surgery, Pat Foley-Naumetz not only performs a range of non-surgical services on both men and women including Botox, dermal fillers, and lasers, she is also an instructor for Aesthetic Advancements, Inc. and Alga-Medic, which is Allergan’s Consortium of Research and Education Programs. This enables her to teach Botox injection techniques worldwide to doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners.

As men are now choosing to stay fit and attractive longer, the demand for Botox will certainly continue to grow. And, this will ultimately lead to there being far less stigma about men seeking out cosmetic procedures. If you have been considering the possibility of Botox, contact Shapiro Plastic Surgery today.