Canadians Seeking Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in the U.S.

With new cosmetic procedures being introduced to help combat signs of aging and reduce unsightly bumps and bulges, there has never been a better time to explore your options to make yourself look your absolute best. This is particularly true if you’re a Canadian – thanks in part to the favorable exchange rate and the availability of innovative procedure options that are now being offered at Shapiro Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Two of the most amazing new procedures which are wowing patients are Ultherapy and CoolSculpting.

Ultherapy is a quick, non-invasive alternative to a facelift that uses sound waves to tighten loose skin without surgery. It can be performed on the jawline, the eyelids, or almost any area that could benefit from lifting and toning. With no down-time and immediate results, it’s a perfect option for a Canadian visitor who wants to incorporate a little self-improvement in with a Scottsdale getaway. This safe and effective procedure has been proven safe in clinical trials, and nine out of ten patients who have tried it report that they have experienced firmer skin.

Another non-invasive treatment that is getting a lot of buzz – especially from tourists wanting to look their best in a bathing suit is CoolSculpting. Painless and effective, CoolSculpting cools unwanted fat cells to minimize bulges without surgery or extended recovery time. It’s truly an amazingly fast and effective way to streamline your shape.

Other treatments and procedures that are extremely with Canadians visiting Scottsdale are VASER Hi-Def liposculpture, fat transfer, and PermaLip. No doubt, Scottsdale is on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery. And, Dr. Shapiro is leading the way by offering these treatments and many, many others.

With the exchange rate predicted to stay strong for our neighbors to the north, Canadians will most certainly continue to seek out a wide variety of cosmetic procedures.