sixpackabsAre you ready to look fabulous in your board shorts this year? Want those washboard abs sported by this month’s Men’s Fitness cover model? Have this year’s hottest trendy fitted t-shirt just hanging in your closet? It is that time of the year again; the season for swimsuits is sneaking up on you already. You just might be thinking I need a flat stomach and fast!

Too often, diet, exercise and even liposuction are not enough to achieve a true “six pack abs” look. This is where VASER Hi- Definition Liposuction can truly help. This innovative, minimally invasive technique is the newest and best way to sculpt the body with unequalled precision.

When exercise isn’t enough
Many normal, healthy, and fit people complain that they go to the gym but they have trouble achieving the muscle definition they desire. No matter how long they lift, spin, run, or ohm in yoga class, they just can’t get can’t get rid of that last bit of fat and get that sculpted look. This so-called “sacred centimeter” is superficial subcutaneous fat (as opposed to deep fat), and it’s virtually impossible to burn off during exercise. You have to get your body down to almost 3 percent body fat [Lance Armstrong had about 4 percent during his racing days] before it starts to go away. It may seem achievable, but considering that the average male is 20% body fat, you may just be chasing a dream.

VASER Hi-Def was developed to create an athletic sculpted look in both women and men. VASER hi-def is not reserved for gym rats, body builders, and the uber-fit, it for everyone and anyone in relatively good shape who wants true body definition.

Why VASER Hi-Def?
Conventional liposuction is limited in just how sculpted it can make you. This limit is in most part imposed by the “sacred centimeter” of fat. This layer is so full of blood vessels and connective tissue that plastic surgeons using liposuction have had to leave this layer alone. The instruments used in liposuction are just not precise enough to sculpt and reshape it.

Only VASER Hi-Def allows the surgeon to sculpt both deep and superficial fat allowing underlying muscles to appear more distinct. By retaining fat in certain areas, and accentuating the borders of muscles, this procedure produces shadows and highlights that give a three-dimensional appearance, producing that sustained “buff” look.

For more detailed information on VASER Hi-Def, you can check out this section of our website dedicated to the process.

sixpackabcoupleHow long does it take, and where do I sign up?!
VASER Hi-Def isn’t going to have you bed-bound for weeks at a time. You’ll be ready to put on your dancing (or running) shoes in no time. Because VASER Hi-Def is less invasive than liposuction, recovery time is quicker. Most patients are fully recovered in a week, and back to the gym within two weeks!

As Arizona’s only surgeon trained in VASER Hi-Def, Dr. Shapiro frequently provides consultation to patients wanting to know more about this exclusive procedure that shapes curves and unveils muscle definition. Contact our office to set up a complimentary consultation.

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