If you are tired of seeing fine lines, wrinkles, thin lips, hollow cheeks, or sagging skin when you look in the mirror and have decided to do something about it, the first thing you need to do is choose the most well qualified and most experienced licensed Medical injector possible. This is the most important decision you will make regarding your outcome. Our expert injectors are not only nationally renowned for their teaching and exemplary results, but have spent considerable effort fixing the results of less qualified injectors, often helping avoid potential medical and aesthetic disasters. You may have questions or are undecided about which treatment will be best for you, but it is critical that you are aware that not all injectables, or injectors are equal-and it matters.

Our injectable treatments are only performed by Registered Nurses

At the Paradise Valley Skin Klinic, your treatment will be performed by one of our Registered Nurse Injectors that specialize in non-surgical facial aesthetics. For superior results your injector must fully understand facial anatomy and structure, which can only be achieved with advanced education and certification. Our injectors have undergone years of training and have the skills, knowledge, and medical experience necessary to provide a safe and pleasant experience, with superlative and natural results. At Paradise Valley Skin Klinic we are interested in a long standing relationship with our clients based upon honest communication, diligent follow-up, and critical evaluation of results in order that client expectations are not only met, but consistently exceeded.

Anne Kincaid


I am a Registered Nurse with over 10 years of injecting experience. I have a CANS (Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist) certification and I am an active member of ISPAN (International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses).

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Understanding anatomy

One of the key elements necessary in the individual who will be administering your treatment is a deep understanding of human facial anatomy and musculature. There are no shortcuts or weekend crash courses that can take place of the anatomical understanding of a Registered Nurse or medical professional’s education. Our staff has completed ongoing education regarding best practices, and often are the teachers of these courses. Their close proximity to Dr. Shapiro’s wealth of knowledge in this area exposes them to the same environment that the plastic surgery residents of the world famous Mayo Clinic Rochester also receive as Dr. Shapiro is the Director of their Aesthetic Surgical Training.

The muscles of the face are extremely intricate, each performing a specific function in your expressions, and must be injected with flawless technique and precision. All of the injectable treatments performed at our office are done so with meticulous care, with products being injected in the right quantity and in the right areas allowing you to achieve the most natural and beautiful looking results. Without this comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy, injections can leave you with a drooping eye, an overfilled look, asymmetry and more.

Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic
Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic

Advanced education

The Nurses at Paradise Valley Skin Klinic both hold CANS (Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist) certification, a type of plastic surgery certification earned only by Registered Nurses who have advanced continuing education in aesthetics and other FDA-approved treatments.

All of our Nurse Injectors each have extensive experience assisting in the Operating Room alongside Board Certified Plastic Surgeons performing cosmetic surgery of all areas of the body, and most specifically the face. They have engaged in many delicate medical procedures which has provided them with skills that have proven to be of great benefit when performing non-surgical facial aesthetics. This knowledge and experience is far above and beyond what you can encounter in most injectors in the Phoenix area, or even nationwide. Great results are achieved with great skill – it is that simple.

In addition, Our Nurses are constantly traveling throughout the United States, attending off-site lectures and hands-on workshops to stay up-to-date with this ever changing industry. These meetings discuss the latest safety measures and injectable techniques taught by world-renowned physicians and icons in the industry, allowing our Injectors to constantly improve their art in non-invasive facial aesthetics.

Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic

Aesthetic Extender Symposium
Miami, Florida

Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic

GAIN, The Art of Innovation
Phoenix, Arizona

Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic

Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo
The Phoenecian

Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic

The Aesthetic Show
Las Vegas, Nevada

Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic

Training with World Renowned Dermatologic Surgeon, Dr. Shino Bay

Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic

Hands on training with Elite Aesthetic Trainer, Dr. Rajani

Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic

Black Diamond Allergan Providers

Our office is a Black Diamond provider of Allergen products (the developers of Botox and Juvederm) and is in the top 500 accounts of over 30,000 providers nationwide. This not only puts our facility in the top ranks across the US, but at the pinnacle of injectable providers in the Phoenix area.

Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic
Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic
Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic
Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic
Votiva Vaginal Tightening, Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic

Don’t price shop

It can be tempting to decide on an injectable treatment offered at a discounted price or to be lured by the convenience of a mobile spa service or “Botox party”, but these offers or conveniences can be a dangerous decision. At Paradise Valley Skin Klinic, we are often called upon by patients who come to us to fix errors caused by unexperienced injectors that offered a promotional deal on their treatment. It is important to have your injectable treatments performed correctly, the first time, by a highly-experienced injector.

In other cases, low-cost, bargain treatments are also offered because the product itself is not genuine or vastly diluted. We offer only the top FDA-approved injectables and dermal fillers. The only way to be sure you are not being injected with counterfeit products is to see the box of the product, unopened, before you undergo your treatment. This is standard protocol at our clinic. Counterfeit products are low-quality, unsafe, untested, and dangerous and have been discovered in spas all across the USA. It is the patient that ultimately pays the price of these unfortunate events, often costing them more money in the long run to correct adverse reactions than the treatment would have originally cost at an accredited facility with a gold-standard injector.

Injectable mistakes

Your facial appearance is the first thing people notice about you. It is important that you feel confident that you make a good impression. When it comes to facial injections, you should never take risks. Although side effects can happen to even an experienced injector, they are far too common when administered by non-professionals or those who are inexperienced or unlicensed. When you come to the Paradise Valley Skin Klinic, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Shapiro is always available onsite in case of a rare complication.

The Paradise Valley Skin Klinic difference

Paradise Valley Skin Klinic provides a world-class, luxurious atmosphere where you will be served by a team of seasoned professionals with proper medical education and experience, to provide you with a safe and enjoyable visit. It is our mission to provide the most advanced, state of the art treatments that allow our clientele to look and feel a better version of themselves, fulfilling their investment in both time and money. We continuously strive to provide a place for our clients to feel completely rejuvenated and provide results that enhance your quality of life. Please reach out to schedule a consultation and ask any questions. We look forward to taking care of you at Paradise Valley Skin Klinic.

Meet Dr. Daniel Shapiro

A world-class plastic surgeon in a league of his own.

Dr. Shapiro is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon with nearly three decades of experience in his field. With impressive technical skill and a talent for creating natural-looking results, his practice has become a leading destination for discerning patients throughout the country.

Known for his compassion and honesty, Dr. Shapiro strives to educate his patients so that they are empowered about their care. He carefully explains the procedures, expected results, and techniques in a way that anyone can understand. Additionally, he personally guides his clients every step of the way – from the initial consultation to their post-operative care – to ensure an enjoyable experience and the best possible results.

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update Virtual Consultation

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Patients,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the reopening of my practice for both surgical and non-surgical services on May 1, 2020. As per the governor Ducey's executive order on April 22, 2020, elective surgery has been allowed to proceed, with appropriate precautions taken by health care professionals to ensure continued vigilance against the spread of Covid-19.

Our office staff and the staff of Paradise Valley Cosmetic Surgery Center and Surgical Recovery Center have proactively taken necessary precautions to meet strict criterion for health providers according to the state of Arizona. These include necessary patient screening for Covid-19, strict protocols for cleaning offices and treatment rooms, adequate PPE, and continued social distancing. As before, waiting areas will have minimal capacity, and friends and family members should not accompany one into offices or treatment areas.

With great anticipation we welcome you back to the practice, and wish you all continued health and safety.

Sincerely, Daniel Shapiro MD, FACS

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