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You spend hours in the gym, but it seems that no matter how many crunches or squats you perform, you just can’t get the results you were hoping to achieve. Meet CoolTone: a revolutionary new method of body contouring that uses high-frequency electromagnetic technology to sculpt a fitter, toned, more athletic look.

What is CoolTone?

CoolTone is a revolutionary system for custom body sculpting. Using high-frequency electromagnetic muscle stimulation, CoolTone causes muscle tissue to deeply contract contouring areas of the body that will not respond to diet and exercise alone. These intense energy pulses cause the muscles in the treatment area to contract more deeply than can be achieved in a workout. The supramaximal muscle contractions created by CoolTone rebuild and remodel your tissue, leaving you with sculpted abs or a tighter, lifted derriere.

How does CoolTone work?

CoolTone simultaneously sculpts muscle, tightens the skin, and burns fat in one single device. This non-invasive method of body contouring causes deep, intense muscle contractions that are impossible to perform in a workout. The CoolTone device has been clinically shown not only to sculpt new muscle, but also to reduce fat in the treatment area while stimulating the collagen and elastin in your skin to tighten and tone. The depth and frequency of the muscle contractions caused by CoolTone are out of this world, providing sculpting that is far superior to any exercise routine, no matter how vigorous.

What are the benefits of CoolTone?

CoolTone is a non-invasive method of body contouring that provides:

  • No pain
  • No downtime
  • Tightens skin
  • Reduces fat deposits
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Quick and effective

What can I expect during treatment with CoolTone?

Your session with CoolTone will be performed in the calm, serene environment of our Paradise Valley Skin Klinic, allowing you to rest comfortably during your procedure. CoolTone’s high-frequency electromagnetic applicator (HIFEM) will be applied to the treatment area, delivering electromagnetic energy deep into the muscle tissue. It is estimated that nearly 25,000 contractions will be stimulated in just one 30- to 45-minute treatment session. This procedure allows men and women to deeply sculpt muscle tissue while relaxing comfortably in our office. It’s so quick and painless, CoolTone can be performed on your lunch break.

What is the recovery following CoolTone like?

Since CoolTone is non-surgical and non-invasive, you may immediately return to your normal routine as soon as you leave our facilities. You should drink plenty of water to allow your body to flush out any lactic acid which might contribute to post-treatment soreness. The day following your treatment you will feel as if you completed an intense workout. Many men and women notice immediate results with CoolTone, which will continue to improve with time. For optimal results, most patients will need a series of four treatments spaced at one-month intervals.

What areas can be treated with CoolTone?

The design of the CoolTone applicator allows for treatment of intricate muscle groups in many locations. CoolTone may be used to sculpt many areas of the body including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and back.

Why should I choose Shapiro Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Klinic?

Dr. Daniel J. Shapiro is a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon who is constantly looking for the latest technology and procedures to bring to his exclusive clientele. Body contouring is about so much more than the treatment of fat deposits. It's also about building muscle in ways that you can’t achieve inside a gym. CoolTone from Shapiro Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Klinic gives you the ability to shape and contour your figure in ways that haven’t previously been possible. This newly FDA-cleared method of body contouring addresses muscle tone, fat deposits, and skin tightening in one simple treatment.

Meet Dr. Daniel Shapiro

A world-class plastic surgeon in a league of his own.

Dr. Shapiro is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon with over 26 years of experience in his field. With impressive technical skill and a talent for creating natural-looking results, his practice has become a leading destination for discerning patients throughout the country.

Known for his compassion and honesty, Dr. Shapiro strives to educate his patients so that they are empowered about their care. He carefully explains the procedures, expected results, and techniques in a way that anyone can understand. Additionally, he personally guides his clients every step of the way – from the initial consultation to their post-operative care – to ensure an enjoyable experience and the best possible results.