Ultherapy Skin Tightening

Ultherapy® is a quick, non-invasive procedure designed to lift, firm and tighten the skin of the face and neck without surgery. It is the first procedure of its kind to use focused ultrasound energy to first visualize and then treat the deep support structures of the skin. Ultherapy® targets the SMAS, or superficial musculoaponeurotic system, the same deep layer of tissue that is addressed with a surgical facelift. By gradually strengthening the skin from within, Ultherapy® is able to lift and tone the skin for a natural, long-lasting result.

Ultherapy® is FDA-approved. It is commonly used on areas of the face and neck to address sagging of the eyelids, brow, cheeks, chin and jawline. It can also improve marionette lines and folds and a downturned mouth. The whole face may be treated for an overall tighter, more toned appearance, or individual areas may be targeted. This is an ideal solution for individuals with mild to moderate sagging in the face and neck who are not yet ready to undergo more invasive surgical procedures, such as a full facelift or Mid Face Lift.

The Procedure

Dr. Shapiro performs Ultherapy® at the Paradise Valley Cosmetic Surgery Center in Paradise Valley, Arizona. The procedure is completely non-invasive and does not require anesthesia. Treatment times average thirty minutes. During treatment, the ultrasound applicator is slowly moved over the treatment area, delivering small, controlled amounts of energy to the skin and soft tissue. The ultrasound energy targets the deep layers of tissue, leaving the upper layers intact and unharmed.


There is little to no recovery or downtime associated with Ultherapy® and patients are able to immediately return to their normal routine. Some minor redness may occur at the treatment sites, but this generally fades within a few hours. Immediate tightening of the skin can be seen after treatment and this will be followed by continued improvement over the next several months as new collagen growth occurs. Ultherapy® is a very safe procedure with few risks and complications. Contact the offices of Shapiro Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation: staff@shapiroplasticsurgery.com.