Male Face

Male Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Every year, statistics show that plastic surgery for men is increasing, and this enthusiasm is consistent with a man’s desire for vitality, longevity, and the maintenance of self-esteem. The expertise that is required for outstanding cosmetic surgical results in men should blend a mature aesthetic perspective that combines subtlety and strength, while utilizing the technical skills that evolve only through years of experience.

Cosmetic surgery of the male face can be a very exciting prospect, addressing concerns that may hinder a man’s confidence, feelings of attractiveness, and ongoing vitality in a youth-oriented world. Changes that occur from stress, aging, or long term sun exposure may seem more prominent after relationship or career shifts, and the improvements from aesthetic surgery can enhance one’s sense of well-being. I believe that the results should be subtle, unless otherwise specified by the patient.

In patients that desire a more youthful appearance, it is best to divide the face into thirds for discussion purposes. The forehead or brow consists of the upper third of the face, and this area is intimately tied to the upper eyelids. Deep furrows between the eyebrows, deep lines across the brow, or sagging eyebrows, contribute to looking angry or fatigued. A brow lift addresses these changes by softening the muscles that cause these wrinkles, and placing the eyebrows to a normal position and shape.

By elevating the lateral brow area, some of the hanging skin over the outer upper eyelids is elevated, often helping the eyes appear less tired. A man’s hairline is always a primary concern when discussing a brow lift, and should remain unaltered if possible.

Dr. Shapiro a Scottsdale plastic surgeon performs the minimal incision endoscopic technique most commonly and occasionally performs a coronal brow lift in patients with very deep wrinkles, or thick, heavy skin. A brow lift can be performed alone, or combined with other facial procedures such as a face lift or eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery, or a blepharoplasty, is a very common procedure removes unwanted skin and fat that causes puffiness in the upper eyes, and bags in the lower eyes. Often these changes in the eyes can be traced to other family members, while in others it is simply an occurrence that happens over time. Incisions are placed inconspicuously along the upper eyelid crease for the upper eyelids, and either inside the eyelid or along the lower eyelashes for the lower eyes. The results are subtle for the untrained observer, but quite dramatic when comparing photographs from before and after surgery.

A Face Lift (Rhytidectomy) addresses the face below the eyes including the neck. Occasionally the neck can be addressed alone with a Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty). Techniques have evolved to eliminate the over-tightened appearance that was so common in the past. These new techniques involve rejuvenating the face by moving the facial fat (SMAS) that has descended with age, back to its appropriate position providing fullness in areas that have hollowed over time. Simultaneously, excess skin that contributes to the formation of jowls, and a poorly defined neck and jawline is eliminated. The result is a more youthful face with stronger and more angular features.

Face Lift incisions are placed meticulously in areas that are camouflaged to become invisible over time, allowing your decision to have plastic surgery to remain a completely private affair. The recovery period for brow or eyelid surgery is approximately one week. Face Lift surgery, or a combination of procedures that includes the lower face requires approximately ten days to two weeks before patients are comfortable in social situations. Contact the office for more information.