Pat Foley-Naumetz

R.N. Nurse and Soft Tissue Injectable Specialist

As a registered nurse, born and educated in Arizona, I’ve been in plastic and reconstructive surgery for the last 30 years. I have worked with a variety of plastic surgeons during this time including 16 years as the primary plastic surgical nurse for one of the original plastic surgeons in the phoenix metro area. I joined the staff of Paradise Valley Cosmetic Surgery Center in 1998 for three years, two of which I was the head nurse. It is there that I was exposed to Dr. Shapiro, and joined his practice in 2002 as his private plastic surgical nurse. At this time I re-focused my education and experience to develop my aesthetic skills, and provide a full compliment of non-surgical services, such as Botox®, dermal fillers, and lasers.

I think I have a very good artistic eye, and bring this to the practice as well as providing all aspects of pre and post surgical care for Dr. Shapiro’s patients.As an instructor for Aesthetic Advancements Inc. and Alga-Medic, which is Allergan’s Consortium of Research and Education Programs, I travel throughout the United States and abroad teaching expertise and safety principles in soft tissue filler and Botox® injection techniques to doctors, nurses and nurse practicioners.

I decided to join Dr. Shapiro and his practice after working with him intimately in the operating room. I have worked with numerous prominent plastic surgeons in the past and feel that Dr. Shapiro is, in my opinion, the most talented technician that I have ever worked with. He has been gifted an aesthetic sense that enables him to produce extraordinary results. After all the years working in plastic surgery, I never felt completely comfortable to have someone perform my face lift until I worked with Dr. Shapiro. I look at my before and after photos and still can’t believe the results, and have never regretted my decision for a moment. Dr. Shapiro’s gift in surgical restoration provides a unique balance to our non-invasive treatments, and offers patients a rare opportunity in the area of enhanced beauty. When I am not working at the office or traveling, I am spending time with my husband and two labs.